The Classic Style Of Mechanical Wrist Watch

Classic thing, as it may be noticed from the literal meaning, is understood as the one that hasn't been subjected to great solid, non-random changes in the standard or model. Anything that has come through history or a rather long period of time can be called classic. Almost anything may be classic including mechanical wrist watches. The classic style of a mechanical wrist watch is constantly in fashion. Usually such watches are produces from rather cheap materials and aren't presenting the dazzling diamond-studded glory, simultaneously fulfilling very important functions of a good watch.

A classic beautiful thing may be called that one that has acquired much experience via trial. After in 1965, the Japanese invented the quartz watch, the Swiss watch industry was placed into a long unexpected crisis. Such Japanese quartz watches were not expensive at all, and the time they showed was more accurate than that of any expensive Swiss mechanical watches. So, unfortunately, Swiss watch industry was greatly defeated, a number of the traditional mechanical watch brands became bankrupt, consequently, the Swiss watch industry was almost at the edge of dying.

Later on, quartz watch stopped this unceasing process of the Swiss watch industry ruination in the whole world. In some period of time, quartz watches became more and more popular among people of many countries. At this period, many people began to miss the chain ticking sound of mechanical watch, as well as the fun of bringing it in hand. This very tendency happened to the Leica camera and vinyl records, which were either classic or not, as well. Nevertheless, the times are changing and people need to compare with the alternatives. Consequently, people started to investigate and compare a beautiful quartz watch with the mechanical watch which seemed to be plain old-fashioned machinery. People started to long for something new and stylish. One of the disadvantages of a quartz watch though was the constant need for maintenance. They were not that ideal, but due to their new beautiful designs wearing quartz watches has become much fun.

It's important to mention that, although the Japanese invented the quartz watch, however, this is the handmade Swiss watch that is still the most favourite among people in many countries. By the way, about two thirds of orders of numerous independent Swiss watch manufacturers come from the Japanese. They compare the handmade wrist watch to the swords forged by the Japanese wrought master named Shiro. The major characteristic of Shiro's authentic swords is always polished forging, it's known that each of the Japanese swords forged by him has four hundred million layers of steel, thus, his forging process was repeated millions of times. One Japanese historical novel writer Shiba Ryotaro once said that Shiro's sword is the ideal demonstration of the will, this is something divine. This something "divine" may be found in a piece of a mechanical watch. Undoubtedly, the mechanical watch was the root of classic beauty.