Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Some people are lucky to have a large bathroom, but others have a rather small bathroom in their house. Thus, they face the problem to make it maximum convenient and visually more spacious. If you also have a small bathroom, you're welcome to familiarize yourself with the following tips on making it larger and more functional. These pieces of advice are given by a well-known and highly experienced bathroom remodeling expert named James Chapman:

Probably the first and the most important bathroom remodeling idea for small bathrooms is your personal reason why you have decided to remodel your bathroom. It can be the desire to sell the house, to upgrade it or to improve the layout of this room. After you give answers to these questions, you will be able to specify your own purpose of the bathroom remodel.

The next tip concerns the need of exact estimation of all the expenses you are going to carry in connection with your bathroom remodeling. This can be done on your own or with the help of such professionals as the electrician, plumber, and contractor. You will need to think about the following aspects: electrical supplies, flooring, wall paper, plumbing supplies, paint drywall, additional fixtures. Apart from estimating material items and used materials, you'll need to remember that a great amount of your budget will be given to the workers who will participate in the process of remodeling your bathroom. It's also recommended to retain about 15% extra money for any unexpected items. It may happen so that you will need to spend additional money on unexpected things, for instance, on replacing some old fixture.

Probably, the most effective bathroom remodeling idea for small bathrooms is knocking off one of its walls. This will quickly enlarge your bathroom, but the greatest disadvantage of this method is that it's rather expensive and requires much time and effort. Apart from spending much money on reconstructing a new wall, you will have to carry additional expenses on wiring and plumbing. But this is an option for people who have place to broaden their small bathroom. The next tip is especially for those ones who have no such an opportunity.

So, if pushing back your bathroom's walls is beyond discussion, you can just replace current large fixtures with smaller ones. The contemporary market is full of small baths tubs, small toilets, sinks, and cabinets. These items can be installed instead of old ones saving much space as a result. But before installing these smaller equivalents make sure that the largest members of your family can conveniently use them.

Another excellent bathroom remodeling idea for small bathrooms is using specially designed hanging objects which won't take too much space while standing on the floor. It can be even a large wooden storage cabinet, but as it is hanging on the wall you still have additional free space on the floor.

You can also create more space by means of knocking down storage cabinets instead of the walls. In this way, free floating cabinets and metal bar shelves can be installed, as well as small hampers can be hang on hooks on the wall. These are not only cabinets that can be attached to the walls, you can also leave other bathroom fixtures hanging, including a vanity with a hanging glass ledge and a baseless sink.

Of course, your small bathroom won't be complete without getting a new nice color. This first of all concerns painting the walls in this room. As a matter of fact, it's recommended to avoid too dark shades and colors. It's better to choose lighter ones to make the bathroom look more spacious. You can also combine these colors with the tiles and fixtures. Even if you like a dark color, but it's not suitable for a bathroom, because this is the room for relaxation and rest. And the light color is really soothing and will make your room visually larger.

You can also paint some other items in your bathroom. Use the same color, or diversify it with different shades of the same color. This will look always stylish and not imposing. If you are looking for maximum expansiveness, use artificial or natural light on the ceiling and the walls.

It's great idea to purchase a large mirror. This will immediately make your bathroom look twice larger. You can also cut out a large top window and in order not to be seen by someone from the outside use a foggy glass.

As you can see, there're numerous bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms. Most of them are much fun and not expensive unless you decide to expand your bathroom by means of pulling down the walls. The main idea is to alter viewer perspective and to use every inch of space you have. You will undoubtedly succeed in your project if you consult an experienced professional. Good luck!